Ashfield Presbyterian Church


...we're growing followers of Jesus


We’re a diverse family of God’s people, discovering how to follow Jesus. We’re located on the corner of Liverpool Rd and Knox St, Ashfield, a short walk from Ashfield station.

We meet at 9am (Easy English), 10:15am and 6pm. COVID-19 precautions are in place. And visitors are most welcome!

We live stream broadcast the 10:15am service, which you can watch on our Youtube channel.

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A little about us...

Our leadership

We’re led by elders. A women’s leadership team coordinate and leads ministry to women. Our property and finances are managed by a committee of management, and a pastoral care team looks after those in need

Church vision

Find out why we exist as a local church. We’re working to form genuine community around Christ.

Our location

We’re on the corner of Liverpool Rd and Knox St, Ashfield, a short walk from Ashfield railway station, with a bus stop across the road

Home Groups

The Christian life is best lived in community. We love to get together in small groups in homes during the week to study the Bible, pray, re-connect and enjoy each others’ company. These groups are a key part of our life together.

Getting to Know Ashfield Presbyterian

We run a four-week course for those interested in becoming members of the church. You can preview the course outline to get a taste of what will be covered.

Pastoral Counselling

We offer help for you to think Biblically about the issues in your life. Jeremy is a trained pastoral counsellor, available two days a week

Youth Group

Revolve, our Youth Group for Yrs 5-12, meets on Friday evening from 7-8.30pm. “Revolve” is a group of young people who are seeking to revolve their lives around Jesus Christ. We meet to discover together how to live following Jesus by engaging with God and His word, responding to Him in prayer and encouraging one another in fellowship. There’s games, food and fun!

Sunday School

We run a Sunday School for young children during our 10:15am service. It is run in English but Chinese and Korean children are fully involved too. There are Bible stories and lots of fun activities for kids.

ESL (English as a second language) class

We run a free ESL (English as a second language) class on Saturday mornings from 9.30-11.30am in our church hall. Everyone is welcome

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