December 3, 2008 Admin


Sundays are special at Ashfield.

We would love to have you visit us at Ashfield Presbyterian Church on a Sunday morning or evening for one of our Services. The church family comes together to meet God.

We focus on Jesus Christ, particularly His death for our sins, His rising from the dead, and what He’s still doing in the world. We come to listen to God’s Word, and to respond to Him in prayer and praise.

But there’s a second focus too. We come to encourage one another in our life of faith. Being a Christian is not always easy in today’s world. Our beliefs are always under challenge. And God’s call to serve Him is often a tough assignment.

So we come to listen to one another and encourage each other. As we meet, especially over coffee or tea after the Service, we build friendships and encourage one another to grow in our relationship with Jesus.